Q. What kind of other Japanese Food Packing Materials are made by Daikoku?
A. We manufacture food decoration items such as table mats and chopsticks cases, please contact us for more information.

Q. Where can I buy Daikoku's Products?
A. Sales policy vary with countries. We do not do retail. If you are a wholesaler looking to buy our products, we can introduce you to our authorized dealer.

Q. Can I buy Daikoku's Products on internet?
A. Sorry, we do not sell through internet.

Q. I want to purchase some products, whom should I contact?
A. We cannot cater to small volumes but please contact us if you want to place a big order.

Q: What are the prices?
A: Prices are decided on the basis of volume and place of delivery. Please feel free to send us your inquiry.

Q: How is the safety control of Daikoku's food related products?
A: All our domestic and overseas factories strictly follow the health administration regulations.

Q :Apart from the ones mentioned on the website, what other environmental initiatives are taken by Daikoku?
A: Daikoku is developing Eco friendly products. We are also taking initiatives to cut down the Carbon dioxide emissions of our factories and offices.

Q :What is the bagasse used for a molded pulp product?
A: The bagasse is non-wood pulp obtained during the process of making sugar from sugarcane. Using bagasse helps in preservation of forests. Also bagasse decomposes automatically and has no bad impact on the environment.